Business Visa

Canada is a highly developed economy and it attracts a lot of businesses and people who want to develop business relations. Sometimes these people might need to visit Canada and meet with potential business partners to develop their plans or sign business agreements.
To enter Canada, they might also need a visa. That is why the Canadian government created the Business Persons and Business Delegations Visa. The Canada business visa allows those who want to go to Canada with the purposes of doing business with a Canadian company to enter the country and engage in the following activities:

  • Attend meetings.
  • Participate in conferences or workshops.
  • Sign agreements, etc.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for the Business Visa Canada?

In order to qualify for a Business Persons and Business Delegations Visa, there are certain conditions requirements that the potential applicant must fulfill.

  • You must have your own business in a country other than Canada or be an employee of a business registered in a country other than Canada.
  • It is advisable to have a record of respecting other business visas from other countries.
  • You must have an income from a place of work that is located in a country other than Canada, so you cannot be an employee in Canada.
  • You must have proof that you are developing a business relationship with a company in Canada or that you have been invited for a meeting, conference, or workshop.